Dave Jones Realty LLC presents a unique opportunity to buy or sell a home while contributing to a great local cause.

In a bid to give back to their community, local real estate firm, Dave Jones Realty LLC is launching a fundraiser to support Kelly Kids Inc.

Kellys Kids Inc. is an innovative program developed for children, youth and adults aimed at helping people learn empathy, compassion, and responsibility.  The organization exposes people to new experiences through farm animals. These include nursing homes, summer camps, therapeutic programs, and school programs. The program utilizes the animals as the medium to educate, achieve safety, responsibility, respect and socialization skills.

The founder of Kellys Kids, Inc., Kelly Cronin has more than 20 years experience as Executive Director of the biggest non-profit service bureau in the State of Connecticut. She had more than 40 years working and living on a farm and training and farming a wide variety of farm animals.

This creative fundraiser ties in with something people would do anyways, buy or sell a home.  Anyone that plans to buy or sell a home should reach out to Dave Jones Realty.  Their unique marketing services consistently get their clients the most money for their homes and will help Kellys Kids’ cause simultaneously. The fundraising program is indeed a first of its kind gesture from Dave Jones Realty.

Dave Jones of Dave Jones Realty, broke the news by saying “We want people to reach out to us for our unmatched marketing and tools if they are thinking of buying or selling a home and help a great cause at the same time.” Jones also added, “We wanted to do something to help strengthen the community and give back.”

The goal of the fundraising campaign is to help Kellys Kids by donating a portion of their commission from every home they sell in Prospect.

 Dave Aurigemma of Dave Jones Realty added “Community involvement and charitable work is in our blood here at Dave Jones Realty. We support a lot of worthy causes through the community.   We even purchased an Ice Cream Truck to bring to community events and donate ice cream.”

Dave Jones Realty is a residential real estate brokerage with 50 realtors and has two offices in Connecticut. They are a team of experienced innovators across the real estate field.  Their marketing, and technology are solving the most complicated challenges of real estate.


To learn more how to start donating, kindly visit Dave Jones’ website at https://www.davejonesrealty.com/KellysKids. More information about Kellys Kids, Inc. is available at http://www.kellyskids.org/


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