Are you thinking of moving to Connecticut and you're wondering what town you should settle in? In this episode of CT Life, we're going to talk about the differences between Waterbury and Watertown, Connecticut. We’ll walk you through everything from lifestyle to home prices so you can choose which area is right for you.

Waterbury VS Watertown

While both towns are great for Connecticut living, there are a few key differences between Waterbury and Watertown. One difference is lifestyle. Depending on what you’re looking for, each of these cities is bound to fit your ideal.

Waterbury is known for its great transportation and has a little bit more of a big-city feel. Watertown is a little more rural, perfect if you like a slower pace of life. If you're looking for action, you're more likely going to end up in Waterbury. If you like the country, you're probably going to head over to Watertown.

Socially, Waterbury has more chain stores and restaurants whereas Watertown is known for its mom-and-pop shops and local shopping. Waterbury has more hustle and bustle, especially since it’s one of the biggest cities in Connecticut. Watertown will give you that small-town feel, where you’ll go into the post office and they're most likely going to know your name.

Comparing Housing Prices

If you're considering moving to Connecticut, you're probably wondering what you can get for your money here. Waterbury is generally less expensive than Watertown, at least when it comes to real estate. The average three-bedroom, two-bath house is 1300 square feet and costs $153,000. That same property in Watertown would cost you almost $250,000.

If you don't need a three-bedroom, a two-bedroom property with two baths in Waterbury will cost you an average of $105,000. That same property in Watertown would be $172,000, which is quite the increase. If you want to try renting first in Connecticut, that also an option. A three-bedroom apartment in Waterbury costs an average of $1,100 per month. That same three-bedroom apartment in Watertown would cost $1,500. Alternatively, a two-bedroom rental in Waterbury is approximately $900 and a two-bedroom apartment in Watertown would be $1,100.

Overall, a good rule of thumb when it comes to pricing inside of Watertown is the closer you get to Litchfield, the higher the prices are. The closer you are to the Waterbury side of Watertown, the lower the prices are.

Commute Times And Location

If you're working anywhere near Waterbury and you want to know how long it's going to take you to get to the airport, you're approximately 49 minutes to Bradley International Airport from Waterbury. From Watertown, it’s about 57 minutes to Bradley. If you're moving to Connecticut from New York, you're probably already pretty used to traffic, though it’s something to consider.

Waterbury is more congested than Watertown, though they are making great strides to improve. They are in the process of completing a huge overhaul of 84 and Route 8 called the Mixmaster, and the traffic that used to be at a standstill is already moving a lot faster. Still, it’s not as fast as Watertown. Traffic in general in Watertown is much more manageable since it's more of a rural area. The only time this is a little different is when you're on Main Street. It's one lane in, one lane out, and it does tend to congest during busy times of the day.

Which Town Will You Choose?

I hope this gave you some insight into the differences between Waterbury and Watertown. Besides the fact that they both have water in their names, they couldn't be more different. When it comes to real estate, lifestyle, and shopping, these towns are the opposite—though each has its advantages. If you or anybody you know is thinking of moving here to Connecticut, let us be your resource. We have the insight of all the towns and can help find the one that's the perfect fit for you. Give us a call at (203) 758-0264 and make sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of CT Life. I look forward to having you be one of our neighbors!